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Festival Antropofest arises from a voluntary efforts of its organizers and other friends association that organizes it. All other partnerships that conclude with the festival, are founded on the basis of mutual reciprocity.
Financial grants from official institutions we do not draw frequently. Due to our other personal commitments and activities we are not able to properly administer these grants at the same time we do not want to be subject to political pressures donations institution or intentionally misrepresent the requests of our goals just to get financial support.

Everything therefore depends on our willingness to go the way of "Do it Yourself" and of course to you, visitors and supporters Antropofest. Above all, thanks to your contributions (admission, buying promotional items), we are always able to finance the next year and prepare for this international film festival.
For the next year is no different. Therefore, if you want to contribute to the successful organization of already  7th Antropofest, you can send to our account any amount. Even small contributions can help us. The names of all donors will be continuously published.

Account number is 5585005001/5500 ,  Raiffeisenbank, Prague

Thank you!
Your Antropofest team