Antropofest is an international festival of movies with social anthropological themes.

Festival is held by eponymous NGO, formed by social anthropology graduates. The goal of the festival is to introduce the general audience to the movies that could also be one of the important study instruments of our domain. These specific documents will allow us to learn about the life of various human communities, social groups or individuals around the world.

During the festival we will hold debates on current projections and there will be also other accompanying programme.

We are looking forward to you!




Spain, 2008, 18 min
Konstantina Bousmpoura
29.01.2010 22:00

the futureIn October 2007, a group of artists of different nationalities set up atablao flamenco in front of Seville’s Cathedral. They claimed this public space as a place to exhibit and express their art. The audience’s applause transformed these artists into the flamenco group “Son de Afuera” (Not from here). This short documentary shows what it means to feel and create flamenco from “outside” in the context of Andalusian society.

Awards: First prize of Seville City XII Contest "Fronteras de Papel", March 2009; Best documentary, International Short Film Fest "Espartinas de Cine" of Aljarafe, Spain, October 2009

Language of dialogues: Español
Language of subtitles: English


Germany, 2006, 15 min
Martin Gruber
30.01.2010 22:05

the futureIn the summer of 2001 the IWF in Göttingen hosted the conference »Origins of Visual Anthropology – Putting the Past Together«. Important representatives of the field came together to discuss the history of the subdiscipline. Three students were equally interested in their visions about »The Future of Visual Anthropology«. They conducted brief interviews concerning this question with filmmakers and scholars such as Jean Rouch, Ian Dunlop, Paul Henley, Karl Heider, Howard Morphy, Peter Crawford, Harald Prins and Jay Ruby.

»The Future of Visual Anthrolopogy« presents the common themes that were touched upon during these conversations by juxtaposing different perspectives. The film is a reflection on how people talk and think about the future, present and past of Visual Antrhropology in 2001.

Language of dialogues: English, French
Language of subtitles: English


Germany, 2009, 24 min
Claudia Goldberg
29.01.2010 21:15

berlinIn Berlin, young self-employed workers live the alternative to a nine-to-five job – low rents and space for creative ideas are still available. A sewing café owner, a freelance journalist and two contemporary dancers give insights in theirs live styles and tell about their independent work. The protagonists are not only part of berlin´s creative class buut they also represent a part of well-educatted generation, who struggles between job insecurity and th wish of self-realization.

Language of dialogues: Deutsch
Language of subtitles: English

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  • The deadline for applications is October 17th 2018. Films which arrive after this date will not be included in the projection of the upcoming year of the festival.
  • Selected movie will be accompanied by Czech subtitles (if original language is not Czech or Slovak). English subtitles (not only burned in the image) are required - we need it for translation to Czech. We accept only subtitles with exact timing in srt format (created by Subtitle Workshop or other software).
  • Applicants will be informed about their film being incorporated into the festival programme via e-mail and not later than 20 days before the beginning of the festival.
  • Organizers may change place and dates of the festival (at the latest 14 days before start).
  • Expenses connected to transporting of film to the address Antropofest Slovinská 994/25, Praha 10, 101 00, Czech Republic or via some cloud will be covered by the applicant.